17 June 2024

FORMER health secretary and House Deputy Majority Leader Janette Garin told the public that siling labuyo cannot cure dengue, warning them not to believe posts online which are not based on research.

Garin made the statement following the posts circulating online, saying that siling labuyo can cure dengue, in which it was also debunked by the Department of Health (DOH).

“Itong siling labuyong kuwentong ito, hindi talaga siya totoo pero dahil bumabalik na naman ‘yung mainit, tag-ulan, kung ano-ano na naman ang marketing strategy ng iba,” Garin, a doctor, said, emphasizing that no medicine has been made to cure dengue.

The Iloilo First District Representative also clarified that tawa-tawa and virgin coconut oil are not medicines for dengue, they only have anti-viral properties which can help a dengue patient.

“Ang nangyayari kasi sa Pilipinas, kapag mayroong herbal na nakikitaan ng anti-viral properties, gine-generalize na gamot sa dengue, sa HIV… Ayun ang nangyayari kaya nalilinlang ang taumbayan,” Garin said.

According to Acta Medica Philippina, based on the sampling of their study, therefore, at the current time, according to DOH AO 184 2004, E. hirta or tawa-tawa may qualify to be registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a traditionally-used herbal product for fever. However, this study has not found sufficient length of time of traditional use for the treatment of conjunctivitis, cough, diabetes, and dengue, as well as malaria, gastritis, and diarrhea.

Garin then explained what happens to one’s body when bitten by dengue mosquito.

“Walang gamot ang dengue. Ang dengue kasi kagaya ng ibang mga viruses it’s a self-limiting illness, kusa siyang mawawala in one to two weeks. Critical ‘yung first week. The problem there is habang nandiyan ang dengue at inaatake ang katawan ng tao, ‘yung iba hindi nagsu-survive, nagkakaroon ng bleeding,” she said.

The lawmaker advised the public to drink plenty of water if they have fever, especially if they have been experiencing symptoms of dengue to keep hydrated and told them immediately seek medical attention if symptoms persist.