/ 11 December 2020

THE PHILIPPINES ranked lowest in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2019 among 58 countries but this was welcomed by the Department of Education, which said that it will provide insights in improving the quality of education.

The TIMSS 2019 assessed Grade 4 students in 58 countries.  Based on the result of the assessment of the Netherlands-based research institution, the Philippines got 297 average scale score in Math and 249 in Science.

“We reiterate that our participation or re-participation in these international assessments indicates a step forward towards addressing curriculum and learning gaps in the country’s basic education,” the DEPED said.

“Rejoining TIMMS after a 16-year absence or since 2003, we value the immense data it can offer on the current mathematics and science literacy of our learners. It will also contextualize and widen our understanding of home and school environment, education composition and resources, school climate, teacher professional development, and job satisfaction, among others,” it added.

The department said it will “translate these international assessments into concrete and implementable actions that can have a direct impact on learners’ achievements and teachers’ improvements.”

“With these assessments as guides, and with the help of supportive stakeholders, we will continue to pursue reforms and interventions in curriculum upgrading, teacher development, and learning environment improvement,” it added.