/ 27 July 2020

THE DEPARTMENT of Education is reportedly in need of teacher-broadcasters to help in the production of DepEdTV, DepEd Radio, and DepEd Teleradyo episodes that will be telecast nationwide when classes finally starts this August 24.

DepEd undersecretary Alain Pascua issued a memorandum seeking teachers who can help prepare video and audio episodes to be used for blended learning.

“There is a need to select some 86-172 of the best and brightest teacher-broadcasters who will teach subjects before cameras/microphones for video and audio episodes which will be broadcasted nationwide,” Pascua said.

He emphasized there are 20 competencies or subject mastery that will be considered and expected for teacher-broadcasters.

Aside from having a mastery of the 20 competencies, teacher-broadcasters must be confident, physically and mentally fit, must be outgoing, creative, and social savvy. They should also be computer and smartphone literate with experience in public speaking, speech and drama, or performance, and can commit to attending webinars and training.

Citing the memo, the applicants must have a camera phone and strong broadband, fiber or LTE internet connection, and must be able to have a technical support team who will be helping in recording and editing of video and audio episodes.

In addition, interested applicants must be in proper teacher uniform when he/she submits the five minute video presentation of the first lesson with his/her mastery on the applied subject/grade level as defined by the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) posted at

Pascua said applicants who will be selected will undergo extensive training with TV and radio personality experts.

“Those who will make it to the list will undergo extensive training to be conducted by TV and radio personalities and experts and they will also be detailed for such specific and special tasks for SY 2020-2021,” he added.