/ 6 July 2022

THE DEPARTMENT of Education has started accepting applications for the Senior High School Voucher Program for School Year 2022-2023.

Applications will only be done online.

It said that students can create Online Voucher Application Portal as well as their application submission starting June 29, 2022.

“These guidelines shall have national applicability, effective for vouchers that will be redeemed in SY 2022-2023,” it said.

Applicants can create OVAP accounts until July 22. The deadline for the submission of applications is July 29.

The forwarding of processed applications to DepEd will be on August 12, while the posting of application results and the start of voucher redemption was scheduled on August 22.

According to DepEd, learners who can avail of their vouchers for Grade 11 in SY 2022-2023 are those who completed/will complete Grade 10 in SY 2021-2022 in public schools and learners who completed/will complete Grade 10 in SY 2021-2022 in private schools who are Education Service Contracting grantees.

Learners who graduated in 2015 or earlier; incoming Grade 12 learners who were not part of the SHS VP in Grade 11 and non-Filipino learners are not eligible for the program.