/ 20 January 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Education has issued the guidelines on the evaluation of self-learning modules for the third and fourth quarter of School Year 2020-2021.

These guidelines aim to establish a systematic evaluation process for the procurement of SLMs.

Anchored on the requirements of the K-12 Program and the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan, the assessment of SLMs will adopt a pass-fail method. The materials will undergo three areas of evaluation, focusing on content, language, and design and layout.

In the development of SLMs, the guidelines identify overview (instructional objectives, pre-assessment, recall); presentation (concept development, activities, assessments); application; generalization or synthesis and post-assessment as necessary elements.

The Bureau of Learning Resources-Quality Assurance Division said that the central office shall conduct the evaluation of SLMs created by public and private entities.

After the assessment, the DepEd will issue an evaluation result notice, declaring if the SLM passed, conditionally passed, or failed. SLMs that receive a total score of 60 percent and below in any area of evaluation is considered failed.

Private and public entities that receive a passing mark may use the result notice for procurement purposes in DepEd.

For those who have received a conditional passing mark, the Bureau will provide a copy of the evaluation report containing comments and recommendations given by learning resource evaluators.

Digital copies of SLMs in portable document (.pdf) format, Submission Form in Word document (.docx) format, and scanned copies of other documentary requirements may be submitted by delivering any portable device (e.g., external drive, flash drive) containing such files to BLR-QAD located at the 1st floor, Bonifacio Bldg., DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City or via [email protected]