/ 11 February 2022

THE DEPARTMENT of Education has strengthened its homeschooling program to provide children an additional learning option.

“Aside from our current interventions, we have strengthened our Homeschooling Program to ensure our learners have choices in attaining quality education,” Education Secretary Leonor Briones said.

“This will help our learners who need more regular parental support and supervision, especially in our current public health situation,” she added.

The agency updated its guidelines, standards, and implementation procedures for the program, which offers families options in addressing their children’s access issues.

Under the revised policy, if the country is in a state of emergency, the focus of the instruction shall be on the Most Essential Learning Competencies. If the MELCs are no longer used in subsequent school years, the K to 12 Curriculum will be implemented.

Parents or guardians will be responsible in monitoring their children’s work and progress and shall be the primary agents of the teacher-learning process.

Meanwhile, school heads will assign a homeschool coordinator who will be in charge of enrolling learners, monitoring their progress, and providing support to parents or guardians during the program’s implementation.

Homeschool learners should also be provided with textbooks and modules in print or digital format, as well as a conducive learning space at home and a learning plan that indicates the learning area, learning competencies, and learning tasks.

To identify their academic level, strengths and weaknesses, and knowledge learned throughout the year, all learners enrolled in the program shall take the National Career Assessment Examination and the National Achievement Test.

The Homeschool Program may be offered in public and private schools as an Alternative Delivery Mode. Private schools are required to obtain a Permit to Offer the program while public schools should obtain the authorization of the regional officer.