/ 16 May 2022

POLITICAL analyst Prof. Clarita Carlos drew criticism for admonishing the youth to stop their “meaningless “ prattle.

In an interview with the Sonshine Media Network International, Carlos said that some youth just shoot out their mouths in discussing issues.

She added that the youth should not judge quickly and advised them to shut up and end their “meaningless noise.”

She issued the remark after some groups criticized the appointment of presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte as secretary of the Department of Education and held rallies to protest the results of the elections.

“If we’re just shooting off our mouths, nagpapa-cute lang tayo and we want to make noise walang katuturan. Just shut up already,” Carlos said.

She added that the youth should focus on reading and studying accounts and researches of scholars.

Critics, however, said that political engagement is vital among the youth as it brings critical thinking.

Some educators also pointed out that students should be encouraged to speak up and share their knowledge for proper discourse.