/ 19 May 2021

TO HELP upskill professionals, the Commission on Higher Education and the International Labor Organization-Philippines partnered to support the adult education program.

The webinar entitled “Moving Forward the Philippine Higher Education, Meeting the Emerging Needs of Adult Learners” is one of the key events to mark CHED’s 27th anniversary and a highlight of the 1st National Higher Education Day celebration.

It featured several sessions on adult education and lifelong learning.

The half-day webinar aimed to allow participants to have a better understanding of current systems, challenges and opportunities of AE in the global perspective. It also shared lifelong learning and its impact on today’s employment and future of work.

“Leaving no learner behind, the good thing about adult learning is that no matter what your age is, it is not too late to continue learning. It opens doors to upskilling even outside the formal education set-up,” CHED Chairman Prospero de Vera III said.

“CHED welcomes the ILO for this project, as internationalizing adult education is one of the top priorities of the Commission,” he added.

“There should be equal opportunities for all, as these are the roots of better jobs for all. Lifelong learning should allow individuals to change careers and stay up to date on technologies and it encourages everyone to ensure greater access to training,” British Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce said.

The ILO-Philippines helps address decent work deficits in the country by providing information resources, publications, tools, research, statistics, training manuals, technical guides and other reference materials on work-related issues.

The Philippines was the first country in Asia to participate in the ILO’s program.

“Lifelong learning is from cradle to grave — formal and informal learning that is lifelong, life-wide, life-deep. It addresses the needs of the people because it is human-centered,” Pedro Moreno da Fonseca, Technical Specialist on Lifelong Learning, said.

“This is an opportune time to create profound changes in the Adult Education sector — by re-imagining its accessibility, equitability, global competitiveness, local responsiveness, and sustainability in the new normal,” Atty. Lily Freida Milla, Director of CHED’s International Affairs Staff, said.