/ 19 September 2020

THIRTY career executive service officers and government officials will take an executive course on leadership, innovation, communication and knowledge management being offered by the Aboitiz Group, Development Academy of the Philippines and the National Union of Career Executive Service Officers in October.

Launched on September 2 through the collaboration of Aboitiz, DAP, and NUCESO, the course dubbed as CLICK aims to enhance the knowledge and competencies of CESOs and advance their capacity to innovate, communicate and analyze information through agile work strategies especially during the pandemic.

“Given that public service covers a wide range of responsibilities, it really is to our collective benefit that our CESOs receive the right kind of support to become even better leaders not only in their respective agencies but, more so, to the greater communities they belong to. This is especially relevant right now as the entire world grapples with Covid-19,” Aboitiz Group President and Chief Executive Officer Sabin Aboitiz said.

Meanwhile, DAP President Engelbert Caronan said that the course will successfully deliver national competency and upgrade the skills of participants.

“It is our belief that with this tripartite agreement, we will be able to successfully deliver national competency, building initiatives to upgrade the skills and competencies of our CESOs by giving them the ability not only to cope in an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous but to actually thrive in it and take advantage of its nuances,” Caronan said.

Lynn Danao-Moreno, NUCESO president, said CLICK will propel the career officials to upskill and initiate change in their respective agencies.

“Providing a venue to upskill our career officials through CLICK could not have been realized by NUCESO alone without the close collaboration of its two distinguished institutional members, the DAP and AEV (Aboitiz Equity Ventures). Through CLICK, NUCESO, DAP, and AEV are united to a singular cause to spark change and initiate development across all national government agencies towards nation-building and sustainable development,” Danao-Moreno said.

During the 40-hour program, Aboitiz will share with the participants its best practices in various areas of management. Aboitiz resource persons will also discuss digital transformation, the basics of brand management, employee engagement, talent profiling, talent management, talent attraction and onboarding, corporate social responsibility in nation building, and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the DAP resource speakers will cover topics such as strategic policy foresight and future thinking, phonetic leadership and knowledge creation, establishing a knowledge organization for the future, and strategic communication governance.

At the end of the course, participants will integrate all learnings into an individual capstone project for implementation in their respective agencies, a planned way forward that improves their real-work situations.

“We hope to provide our participants with helpful insights on servant leadership in the new normal and, best of all, inspire values-driven leadership that focuses on long-term sustainability,” Aboitiz said.