/ 18 August 2023

FORMER Education secretary Leonor Briones thanked Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio for continuing programs that aim to support the students.

“I am immensely proud and thankful that the new administration led by Vice President Sara Duterte has continued our efforts and saw fit to continue the much-needed recalibration of education in order to better prepare our future generations with the skills needed to not only survive but succeed in this fast-changing world,” Briones said during the celebration of International Youth Day 2023.

Briones expressed her full support to the new K to 10 curriculum which has fewer learning competencies.

“This new curriculum is the product of years of research and study and was among the 10-point agenda when I was secretary of Education,” she said.

The new curriculum called Matatag will focus on literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills.

MATATAG stands for “Make the curriculum relevant to produce job-ready, Active and responsible citizens; TAke steps to accelerate the delivery of basic education services and provision facilities; TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusiveness learning, and positive learning environment; and, Give support for teachers to teach better.”