/ 10 September 2020

REX Book Store will implement certain changes in its system to prevent book resellers from hoarding law books and to curb the sale of overpriced books online.

In a statement released on Facebook ,the store said that it will put a limit on bulk orders to discourage the exorbitant pricing of resellers and to prevent another hoarding incident.

Some angry students called the attention of the book store saying some resellers add “unjustifiable” mark-up to their prices. The students also encouraged the store to act on the matter since they are heavily affected because of the shortage of academic materials.

“I have encountered a Facebook page that adds P100 per book to the actual price and hindi pa included yung shipping fee grabe!” one student complained.

Students lauded the bookstore’s move.

It called on other stakeholders to not take advantage of the pandemic by hoarding materials.

“REX values each and every student’s dream. Let us all stay safe, healthy, and fair as we work together through these challenging times,” the bookstore said.