/ 22 August 2022

BAYOMBONG Bishop and chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education Jose Elmer Mangalinao advised students to appreciate their time in school with teachers and classmates.

Mangalinao said that the resumption of classes is the way for students to reconnect with their fellow students and their teachers.

He expressed hope that teachers will welcome students with enthusiasm.

“We are hoping that everybody learned from these pandemic times, how important is the face-to-face medium of instruction and how valuable it is to see your teachers, classmates and friends each day,” the bishop said.

He also urged teachers to pursue their mission of teaching children.

“As we are given another chance to begin again, may we all learn that we are blessed with the gifts of life, faith and mission. I pray that all those involved in the training, formation and education of our young may take to heart the mission of helping them see the meaning of life by their words and actions,” Mangalinao said.