/ 2 August 2022

THE PHILIPPINE Army and the Armed Forces of the Philippines aim to increase the annual intake of army students in its Command and General Staff Course t o further enhance the capabilities of the uniformed personnel.

Comm. Donn Anthony L. Miraflor, AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for Education, Training and Doctrine and Col. Arsenio DC Sadural, PA’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Training and Education, recently held talks with PA officers at the Army Intelligence Regiment’s headquarters in Fort Bonifacio to update them on the new AFP education, training and doctrine-related plans and policies.

The officials also shared their best practices and lessons learned with the group. They discussed how to resolve education, training and doctrine-related issues and challenges.

Sadural recommended to increase the number of PA students in the Command and General Staff Course at the AFP Command and General Staff College and tackled the army’s compliance with AFP’s education, training and doctrine development imperatives.

They also discussed the enhancement of the doctrine development system through a 10-year doctrine roadmap.

They are also pushing for the further development and expansion of training facilities and systems to produce well-trained, well-disciplined and well-equipped soldiers.

Miraflor and Sadural also said that there is a need to develop the Combat Readiness Training Areas so that they can be used as venues for joint, intra-agency and combined arms training as well multinational training exercises with partner foreign armed forces.