/ 14 July 2023

THE ALLIANCE of Concerned Teachers slammed the Department of Education’s alleged gross inefficiency in the processing of documents for the release of Performance-Based Bonus in 2021.

The group lamented that only the teachers in the National Capital Region have received their PBB, while the rest of the educators are left in uncertainty.

“This unjustifiable delay is an undeniable manifestation of the DepEd’s inefficiency and lack of regard for the economic and labor rights of teachers,” the group said in a statement.

“The PBB serves as a crucial incentive for our hardworking educators who are the primary drivers of education. It is an integral part of their benefits, designed to acknowledge and reward their performance and contributions to the education sector. Nevertheless, the DepEd’s delay in efficiently processing and issuing the PBB reflects a lack of recognition and appreciation for the hard work put in by teachers,” the group added.

ACT called on the department to make concrete steps to rectify the slow delivery and to ensure that the release of the next PBB will not be delayed again.

“The DepEd must learn from its past errors and prioritize the processing to ensure that the release of PBB 2022 for all eligible teachers will be released on time. Our teachers deserve nothing less than timely benefits that acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the noble cause of education,” it said.

“ACT will continue to vigilantly monitor, protect, and advance the economic and labor rights and welfare of teachers. We urge the Department of Education to act responsibly, fulfill its obligations, and ensure the timely release of all teachers’ benefits like the PBB,” it added.