/ 13 June 2023

TWO cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy were dismissed from the school for failing to pass some of their academic subjects.

PNPA Director Police Major General Eric E. Noble signed the dismissal orders of the cadets and said that the dismissal is part of the effort of the institution to strive for excellence.

“The academy is renowned for its rigorous academic program, and it’s no secret that cadets are expected to perform at a high level,” Noble said.

He explained that the academy envisions to produce the country’s finest law enforcement officers.

Apart from the dismissed cadets, 13 others were suspended due to academic challenges while 30 cadets were suspended for non-academic/tactics deficiencies.

Noble said that while academic performance is essential, the academy also prioritizes the formation of a well-rounded officer. Cadets are expected to master tactics, fitness, pand self-discipline.

“Any slip in these areas can put a cadet’s progress at risk. Suspension from the program comes as a corrective measure and offers these cadets a chance for realignment and corrective action,” he added.

“Cadets must live up to the academy’s standards to progress through the program. This high regard for discipline and non-tolerance of bad practices is critical in law enforcement. Law enforcers should be role models in society and we aim to instill these values in our cadets from the start to create good examples in society,” Noble said.