/ 28 July 2022

ONLY 156 out of the 532 examinees passed the 2022 Special Shari’ah Bar Examinations held last March, the Supreme Court said.

The tribunal approved the Shari’ah Bar Committee’s petition to lower the passing percentage to 70%, taking into consideration the challenges and circumstances encountered by the examinees because of the pandemic.


The chairperson of the bar examinations committee is Macrina Morados, dean of the UP Institute of Islamic Studies.


The top ten passers are:

  1. Ambung, Maniri, Cayasalam C. (85.6250%)
  2. Curo, Norhasima S. (85.5250%)
  3. Laguindab, Aina L. (84.9000%)
  4. Mortaba, Nur-aima B. (83.9000%)
  5. Lantud, Norajannah D. (83.4500%)
  6. Barambangan, Hasmin M. (83.2750%)
  7. Ameril, Shaibani S. (83.0750%)
  8. Tawano, Abdul Raheem R. (82.9750%)
  9. Domadalug-Abdullah, Moumina Sheryne L. (82.4000%)
  10. Alioden, Mohammad Muzahim A. (82.1750%)


The examiners were Sha Elijah B. Dumama-Alba (Persons, Family Relations and Property), Counselor Sheikh Luqman Bin Usman Imam (Jurisprudence [Fiqh] and Customary Laws [Adat]), Mehol K. Sadain (Procedure in Shari’ah Courts), and Dean Abdulcader Ayo (Succession, Wills/Adjudication and Settlement of Estates).