/ 22 November 2020

A GROUP of Grade 12 students from the University of Santo Tomas Senior High School are lending their writing and art skills to help victims of typhoons Rolly and Ulysses.

The Humanities and Social Sciences-6 class led by Althea Molino, started the donation drive dubbed ‘Project BaLIKHAtan’, which aims to “ earn monetary funds through art and writing commissions.

Among the services the young group is offering include creative writing, essay writing, digital art portraits, traditional art portraits, infographics, and PowerPoint presentations, all for just a minimal fee.

Moira Allaina Ocampo, one of the organizers of BaLIKHAtan, said the project is not only aimed at helping typhoon victims, but also students who are having hard time with the online learning setup.

“We believe that no student should be left behind. In this way, we are able to help them finish their requirements, at the same time, the proceeds will be given to our partner donation drive,” Ocampo said in an online interview.

“Also seeing those affected by the typhoon, we felt that scrolling through our timeline and sharing different donation drives aren’t enough. We wanted to be more involved,” she added.

Ocampo said a total of 15 students are involved in the worthy cause, including seven student writers and five student artists.

One hundred percent of its proceeds will go to the group’s chosen beneficiary BulaCANhelp.

“So far, the donation drive is doing well. We opened our services and we were able to reach different people, inside and outside our school,” Ocampo shared.