/ 27 February 2021

ENGINEERING students of the University of Santo Tomas were given toolkits that they can use for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021.

The university distributed 300 toolkits to second and third year students.

“We made sure that all components are based on the experiments and activities that may be implemented during our online classes,” Engr. Edison Roxas, Electronics Engineering Department laboratory supervisor, said.

The toolkits include all basic equipment and components needed for hands-on experiments and activities in courses such as Electronics Devices and Circuits, Electronics Analysis and Design, Electronic Systems and Design, Mixed-Signal Electronics, and Switching Circuits and Logic Design.

“Each of the kits contains the following: variable DC adaptor, DDS function generator, digital VOM, breadboard, soldering iron, soldering lead, batteries, connecting wires, universal Printed Circuit Board, 7-segment displays, dual in-line package switches, Light Emitting Diodes, Light Dependent Resistor, and a variety of transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, and resistors,” the department said.

The delivery of the kits started in the second week of February. The distribution is 95 percent complete.

The last batch of shipment for overseas students will be sent this week.