/ 21 June 2022

THE UNIVERSITY of Southeastern Mindanao unveiled a new building for its new Institute of Middle East and Asian Studies building.

A report by The Mindanao Tech, USM’s official student publication, said that the building also serves as a tourist attraction due to its architectural design.

“It is one of the most beautiful buildings here in USM, the first of its kind. It is worthy of praise and admiration because this is our contribution to the youth,” USM President Francisco Gil N. Garcia said.

The building features eight classrooms, four comfort rooms, two faculty offices and one stockroom.

It is expected to ramp up the quality of education in the university.

The project has a total cost of P30 million.

The unveiling ceremony held last week was attended by school officials includingProf. Remedios C. Kulidtod, chairperson of the Department of International Relations, and Prof. Abdulnasser G. Makalugi, dean of the said Institute.