/ 13 November 2020

CHANCELLOR Jose Camacho Jr. of the University of the Philippines-Los Baños launched a program to provide assistance to students who continue to face difficulties in distance learning.

Camacho rolled out the UPLB Connectivity Assistance for Remote Students.

“UPLB CARES hopes to provide learning support systems and assistance to students transitioning to remote, flexible mode of learning. It also aims to provide information to potential donors about the current needs of UPLB students during this time of pandemic,” he said.

“Currently, there are 627 UPLB students who need to be assisted during this transition to remote learning. With the limitations of the Learning Assistance Grant of the UP-System criteria from Student Learning Assistance System, only 55 students have been provided with assistance,” he added.

The university said it seeks to ensure that the 500 remaining students will not be left behind.

To qualify for the program, students should not be covered by Learning Assistance Grant 1 or 2 of SLAS, college-identified offline learners, with scholarship programs who need a learning support system not covered by their scholarships, or learners who want to be a student assistant but may lack the gadget and connectivity.

The university said that interested donors have five donation packages to choose from.

Package A covers internet subsidy which can be paid monthly or in lump sum. This amounts to P2,000 per month load and a pocket Wi-Fi.

Package B is a one-time gadget donation ranging from P20,000 to P30,000 for laptop purchase with specifications good for Office applications and web conferencing or a tablet with the same specifications or with peripherals like bluetooth keyboard.

Package C is a combination of Packages A and B—internet and gadget, while Package D covers financial assistance of any amount.

Package E is a donation of gadgets or laptops.

Interested donors can get in touch with the Office of Scholarship Grants by sending an email to [email protected], or call 0949-536-3209 and 0949-536-3212.

The office can also be reached at Room 6, 2/F of the Student Union Building. Donors who wish to donate gadgets or laptops shall accomplish an online form for proper documentation.