/ 3 October 2023

LAW students of the University of the Philippines were the champions in the Philippine Law Debate Championship hosted by San Beda Law Debate Circle.

UP Law was represented by two teams.

The winning team composed of Ignacio Villareal, Alia Yao, and Jet Ryan Nicolas won all their rounds and bested 19 teams across the Philippines.

They went up against San Beda Alabang for the final round as the negative on the motion “This House supports an interpretation of international law that treats economic sanctions as war crimes.”

Yao was declared the Best Speaker of the Final Rounds, while Villareal was awarded as the 4th Best Speaker Overall.

Mackie Valenzuela was the 6th Best Speaker Overall, and Nicolas was awarded as the 10th Best Speaker Overall.

Michiko Lokin was also awarded as the 2nd Best Adjudicator and was the chair of the Semifinals round.

Meanwhile, the team was composed of June Edgar Asok, Neil Dexter Sebastian, and Valenzuela reached the quarterfinals.

The students were mentored by Professor Rommel Casis, who served as faculty adviser.