/ 19 September 2020

UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Diliman Chancellor Fidel Nemenzo urged students, faculty and staff to be flexible and realistic in dealing with the limitations of the academic setting this school year.

“Flexibility is the principle that should guide this semester. Therefore, exploration of our capacities, more than evaluation of our performance, should guide the approach to academic work, of both students and faculty,” Nemenzo said in a message to the academic community.

He pointed out that the shift to remote teaching and learning “requires us to transform mindsets and practices.”

Nemenzo also encouraged his constituents to reflect on their roles in the university as the country struggles with the pandemic.

“This gives us an opportunity for deep learning and not rush through the semester simply chasing after performance indicators,” he said.

“We have the freedom to define what meaningful academic work is given our new context,” the chancellor added.

Nemenzo said the university strives to improve its services despite the numerous challenges it is facing.

The University System launched a fundraising campaign in July to assist more than 5,600 financially challenged students. More than P4 million in donations have so far been raised.