/ 26 March 2021

STUDENTS of the University of the Philippines-Baguio challenged the newly elected chancellor to address the issues and concerns of the community.

The University Student Council said the chancellor should give priority to students’ rights and welfare.

They aired their demand for a university that is free from discrimination and violence, among others.

“We need a chancellor who promotes inclusivity and diversity in the university and ensures genuine student representation. We need a chancellor that stands by the university’s principles of serving the people,” USC said in an open letter.

“The Covid19 crisis has impeded different sectors of society including the education department. Still, in this time of crisis, we challenge our incoming chancellor to rise to the task — to abide by their constituents,” it added.

The UP Board of Regents on Thursday, March 25, selected Dr. Corazon Abansi as new UPB Chancellor. Abansi will assume her post on April 13, 2021.

As students continue facing forms of threats and repressions, USC urged Abansi to safeguard academic freedom and critical thinking.

“Student leaders of this university have been subjected to rampant red-tagging and now more than ever, we need a chancellor who makes their stance firm and their support for the students clear,” they said.

“UP Baguio prides itself on its rich history of activism in close relation to the people of Cordillera. Our chancellor must keep in mind that the university serves the people, both its students and the locals alike, and they must heed its calls for land, life, livelihood, education, resources, and fundamental rights,” it added.