/ 5 March 2023

A YOUTH group reiterated the abolition of fraternities in the wake of Adamson University student John Matthew Salilig’s death due to hazing.

According to UP Babaylan, an LGBTQIA+ organization at University of the Philippines, the culture of violence in fraternities should finally end.

“For as long as fraternities exist, they will continue to hold us back, for they rely on the patriarchal system to keep themselves in positions of power and influence,” the group said.

It also said fraternities have been perpetuating violence not only against their members but also to other vulnerable sectors of society with their invasion in campuses.

“They continue to terrorize our campuses and workplaces – even our government is run by men who partook in this culture of impunity. Fraternities have embedded themselves in our institutions, but while it is difficult, it is not impossible to root them out,” said the group, which joins netizens in calls for the abolition of fraternities.

Members of the Tau Gamma Philippines are suspects in the killing of Salilig during an initiation rite in Cavite.

His body was recovered last February 28, weeks after he was reported missing.

He was buried last Saturday along with this grandfather who died the week before.

Several witnesses also came forward to testify on the incident.

His family, on the other hand, vowed to press charges on the individuals behind the killing.