/ 19 August 2020

UNIVERSITY of Baguio has announced that it is now ready and equipped to implement online learning for the incoming school year.

According to its Facebook post, UB said it is planning to use full features of ‘G suite for Education’ as its main platform in delivering the lessons.

G Suite for Education is the official online learning platform used by the university with Google Classroom as its Learning Management System.

These tools are accessible thru the students’ Gmail accounts (

“In particular, UB will be using G Suite ( in the conduct of its online-based classes. G Suite comprises of Gmail, Hangouts, Meet, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites, all Google platforms,” the university said.

There are recommended software and hardware to be used in order to fully experience online learning as reported by the university:

  1. The use of audio and video plug-ins wherein media players such as Windows Media, Player and VLC are needed for students to listen and watch videos of the lectures.
  2. The use of Productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe reader and recording applications for word processing, reading text documents, developing and reading presentations, and video/sound recording.
  3. The use of video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Zoom for synchronous learning.
  4. The use of Web browser including google chrome and Mozilla Firefox for accessing the ‘world wide web’.
  5. Laptops and tablets with internet connectivity.

The university, however, noted that despite they are ready for online classes, modular learning will still be considered for students who don’t have gadgets and internet connectivity.

UB will resume classes on August 24.