/ 17 November 2020

THE UNIVERSITY  of Makati on Monday rejected students’ calls for an academic break, saying that the City of Makati was not ‘heavily hit’ by the recent typhoons.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development said that while school officials heard the requests of students, they saw no reason to suspend classes.

“In as much as the Management mandates to address all your concerns in this time of the learning environment, we cannot afford to compromise the rigor of the curricular programs as well as the quality of education amidst these uncertainties,” it said.

The Office also challenged those who appealed for a suspension to cite valid reasons why classes should be suspended.

It said that Makati did not experience flooding, power supply has been restored in all areas and no families were staying in evacuation centers.

It added that majority or 90 percent of its students are residents of Makati.

It said that the school has given ‘extended extra leniency’ on attendance and submission of requirements and had ‘managed’ students’ mental health through a series of mental health webinars.

“We reiterate the call for us to have a mindset that creates a love of learning and a resilience essential for great accomplishment,” it said.

“Such a mindset will serve us well in the future, far beyond the timeline of temporary calamity. We know that by the time this desolation is over, we will be more dynamic and stronger,” it added.