/ 25 March 2021

THE STUDENT council of the University of the East renewed its call to school officials to continue the processing of scholarship applications for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021.

It repeated its appeal after the university announced that first-time scholars have been disqualified from obtaining scholarship grants.

The group said that those who were notified of the policy were qualified either for the University President Scholarship or College Scholarship.

The student body lamented that it was not included in the discussions on scholarships.

“USC has emailed your office on February 8 with regards to the announcement of the review and re-evaluation of the academic scholarship grants’ implementation sent from your office. In this letter, we have requested for a dialogue and consultation regarding the issue in which we were deprived of the administration’s response,” the group said in a letter to UE President Ester Garcia.

Garcia on February 4, 2021 issued a memorandum saying that the university will first review and evaluate the scholarship grants of the students.

She added that scholarship grants will be suspended until further notice.

The student council declared that a scholarship grant is the only chance for students to continue their education amid the pandemic.

“Many students managed to conquer all odds and emerged to triumph with their hard work and excellence for the promise of the University for a scholarship,” it said.

“The sacrifices and hard work of the students deserve to be recognized and the promise of hope through these scholarships must be kept.”