/ 23 May 2021

STUDENT groups at the University of the East Manila denounced the decision of school administration to remove the University President Scholarship from the integrated scholarship program.

The University Student Council and Central Student Council said the newly approved policy is disturbing, knowing there was still no response from the administration regarding the previous revocation of scholarships.

“This news has dismayed many, not just students, but other stakeholders in the institution, since we have yet to receive a response from your office regarding the current scholarship disqualifications. The significant issue is still unsettled and now aggravated by the additional anti-student decision,” the groups said in a letter to UE President Ester Garcia.

The student councils questioned the rationale and objective of management to suddenly change guidelines amid the Covid19 pandemic.

It also asked for clarifications regarding the remark of Garcia that “a cap for every semester is likewise added.”

In a report by the school’s official publication The UE Dawn, Garcia said only two academic scholarship remain — University Scholarship with a required grade point average of 1.0 to 1.250, and the College Scholarship with a required GPA of 1.2501 to 1.50.

Garcia added a general weighted average of 1.60 or better was added in the requirements and a student is only allowed to avail one UE sponsored or co-sponsored scholarship grant.

To address the grievances and concerns on policies and actions of the school administration, USC and CSC urged Garcia to have a virtual consultation with them.

“The councils have been tirelessly appealing to have a consultation/dialogue with the administration but unfortunately, until now, our requests have been neglected. We urge the administration to properly communicate with the students through the student councils. Talk to us, do not neglect our concerns,” they said.

They also argued the new policies on scholarship should not be implemented to the old students, stressing it is “unjust to modify a program that is not properly communicated and is directly opposite to what the school promised in enrollment.”

“If we continue to pursue unreasonable and anti-student policies to address the problems of our institution, undeniably, the low satisfaction and confidence of the students towards the administration would persist. We believe, that if the administration continue to neglect this, it may result in more serious problems in the institution,” they said.