/ 2 July 2022

OFFICIALS of the University of the East were urged to notify students who will be graduating and disclose those who will receive Latin honors.

The University Student Council urged UE President Ester Garcia to provide individual notifications to candidates for graduation.

“The graduation is set to commence on July 21 and July 22. However, there is still no definite confirmation on the participating graduates and the list of Latin Honors recipients,” the USC said in a letter to Garcia.

“Students have been reaching out to the student councils as they expect to receive individual notifications weeks before the graduation proper including the status of their academic standing,” it added.

The student body also asked Garcia to issue the final guidelines for the commencement rites.

It sought clear guidelines on the number of guardians who will be allowed to enter the venue, tickets for the students, and the procedure for claiming the graduation toga.

“It is high time that the administration inform all students regarding the things that they must take into account upon attending the graduation,” the group said.