/ 15 June 2021

OFFICIALS of the University of the East were urged to address the concerns aired by some students regarding their on-the-job training for Academic Year 2020-2021.

The University Student Council, along with the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council and Engineering Student Council, asked the administrators to give priory to the students’ concerns.

“The council has been receiving concerns such as the concrete set of guidelines for OJT, the list of all possible companies the students may apply to, and the manifestation of a face-to-face OJT. With this, USC, CASSC, and EnSC would like to air these concerns pertaining to Senior students taking up the OJT course,” they said in a letter to UE President Esther Garcia.

Claiming that learners were asked to find institutions on their own, the student councils demanded the university to provide a directory of partner companies who accept online internships.

They said the school should align internships with their respective fields of study, stressing that learners must enhance their skills and knowledge for future employment.

“We highly denounce students’ roll out of companies or offices that are not in line with their field of study because it defeats the purpose why they must be taking up the course,” the groups said.

They called on the university to process late documents, saying that UE’s OJT office has not been responsive to students’ queries on requirements.

“The University is incapable and is not fully equipped to manage internships. They failed to recognize the substantial needs of the students when it comes to processing the necessary documents for the OJT and providing possible companies where they could apply,” the councils said.

“Students paid the designated amount for their internships; however, the administration has been very unresponsive with their concerns, leaving them all behind,” they said.