/ 19 March 2023

THE Technological Institute of the Philippines, in partnership with Siemens, Inc., held a technology exhibit to provide its academic community and industry partners a more comprehensive outlook on digital technologies in the fourth industrial revolution.

Over 200 students, academic officers, and industry practitioners attended the 15 learning sessions and demonstrations at the “Digital Industry Experience Technology Exhibit and Learning Sessions” held at the TechnoCoRe building of TIP Quezon City campus.

Siemens, Inc. shared insights on the Future of Industrial Automation, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, Totally Integrated Automation, Edge Technology, Digital Twin, Virtual Commissioning, and Automated Guided Vehicles.

Jesus “TJ” Tanchuco III, regional product manager for Siemens Inc., talked about how lines keep getting blurred between the virtual and physical worlds under Industry 4.0 that it behooves any organization to adjust its systems and processes in response to new challenges.

Siemens is actively working with the government, the academe, and the private sector to support the digital transformation journey of manufacturers in the Philippines. The company aims to help unlock the potential of industries by promoting Industry 4.0 technologies.

“Schools play a significant role in familiarizing stakeholders on how these new technologies work, based on actual demonstrations and discussions by the experts, and how they can impact Philippine industries,” TIP industry relations and senior project manager Dr. Therese May Alejandrino said.

Alejandrino noted technology’s potential to “continuously revolutionize how industries design, improve, manufacture and distribute their products and services,” thereby increasing employee productivity and company revenues.