/ 25 May 2022

THE SIILLIMAN University has started limited face-to-face classes in almost 180 degree programs.

The school’s publication the Weekly Sillimanian reported that Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Earl Jude Cleope said about 2,000 to 4,000 learners participated in physical classes.

Cleope said that he allowed other programs to proceed with their in-person classes only after they got a clearance from the university’s Covid Crisis Committee.

Last year, the Commission on Higher Education permitted SU to conduct limited in-person classes for medical, nursing, physical therapy and medical technology students.

Since then, almost 200 medical technology student interns have been assigned to hospitals in the cities of Dumaguete, Cebu and Tagbilaran.

Medical learners have also continued their in-person internships for the second semester, while nursing students have been exposed to hospital clinical settings since October 2021.

Meanwhile, Cleope said that they are also preparing for the holding of onsite classes for senior high school students next school year.

“All subjects will probably have F2F, but in terms of modality, it might not be pure F2F. There is going to be some semblance of blended and hyperflex interaction,” he said.