/ 28 August 2020

THE POLYTECHNIC University of the Philippines has announced on its social media pages that classes will officially start on October 5, 2020, after its board of regents approved on August 25 the petition to delay the opening of the school year via a referendum.

Classes in PUP had been previously set to begin on September 14. The Office of the Student Regent appealed to the Executive Committee and BOR to consider the students’ plea to move the schedule to a later date.

In its petition subitted last August 15, the OSR said the university is still not ready for the coming school year as the administration has yet to act on the issues raised by students regarding enrollment woes and slow flow of transactions.

PUP students lauded the announcement as the institution is also known as the “poor man’s university,” with many less privileged Filipinos still recovering from the economic impact of the Covid19 pandemic.

“Mabuti naman,” “Legit na ba?!! omg!!!” and “OMG THANK YOU PUP” were some of the reactions posted by the students. PUP will be using its Flexible Technology Enhanced Learning scheme when the school year begins.