/ 21 February 2022

THE PANGASINAN State University plans to hold face-to-face classes in its nine campuses in the second quarter of 2022.

The university said that some of the programs that students taking up nursing, engineering, hotel and restaurant management, information technology, welding, electrical and automotive will participate in physical classes.

Dr. Dexter Buted, PSU president, said the policies and guidelines for school reopening are all set. However, he noted that they are still in the process of purchasing the materials and equipment needed.

“The budget for the limited F2F is at least P20 million to buy television sets, lapels, air purifiers, additional ventilation, health equipment materials, dividers, among others,” Buted said.

“PSU has also allotted P25 million for the internet connection in the entire campus. We want the internet connection to be per classroom,” he added.

Buted said that the Department of Health inspected some of their campuses to check on their compliance with the protocols against Covid19.

The official said that in-person classes will be voluntary and blended learning will still be available for those who will not attend the onsite classes.

“We can only accommodate 15 to 20 students per classroom, but we are catering to more than 31,800 students across the nine campuses, so we really need to plan the shifting,” Buted explained.

“The ratio of teacher-student is still a challenge, so we are in the process of recruiting new teachers as well,” he added.