/ 17 January 2021

THE NUEVA Viscaya State University will distribute ‘on the go’ flash drives to help students cope with distance learning amid the Covid19 pandemic.

The distribution program is part of the university’s initiative to ease the burden of distance learning as face-to-face classes remain banned due to quarantine restrictions.

The school added the decision was proposed by the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Student Affairs and Services and was approved by the University President.

“In order to cope up with online classes, NVSU thru the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and Services proposed a distribution of USB flash drive with On-the-go technology to students which was already approved by the University President,” NVSC said.

“The USB flash drive with OTG shall be distributed among students who prefer e-copies of their modules. Such action was based on the results of the students’ online survey conducted by SAS where it found that almost 66 percent of the enrollees in both campuses own mobile phones, while other students have their desktop computers, laptops or tablets,” it added.

The OTG package contains soft copies of modules and other instructional materials like video tutorials and audio lectures.

The university has yet to announce the date of distribution of the OTGs.