/ 9 May 2022

THE NEWLY converted Northern Iloilo State University bared plans for extension projects as part of its continuous development.

In a meeting with the administrative council of NISU, President Bobby Gerardo said that advanced programs will be introduced in the coming days.

Some of these are the master in information technology, master of engineering and doctor in public administration, among others.

The university also plans to become a center of development for fisheries, agriculture, information technology, engineering and teacher education.

Benchmarking activities with other universities abroad and increasing the employability rate of the graduates are also in the works.

Ramping up the faculty members will also be continued to help the university with its passing percentage in examinations.

“It is not only about the conversion from college to university but the very essence of being a university is the additional burden that will be put on our shoulders, expect more work and more goals to be achieved,” NISU said.