/ 2 August 2020

MOST Western Visayas students prefer the modular learning modality, according to the Department of Education.

DepEd Western Visayas regional information officer Dr. Lea Belleza said more than 50 percent of the students enrolled for the upcoming entrance from public schools in the region prefer the modular learning delivery modality.

Belleza explained that the preparation of learning modules is assigned to the regions regarding subjects and grade levels and will be integrated into the central office and will be downloaded to the regions.

Blended learning, online, television-based instruction and radio-based instruction are some of the learning delivery modalities that will be served in the coming school year.

These preferences were collected through learner enrollment and survey forms distributed during the enrollment.

According to the DepEd in Western Visayas, a total of 1,592,655 students from kindergarten to senior high school have enrolled in public schools based on the latest data on July 22.