/ 5 November 2020

THE PALAWAN State University granted a load assistance program for its students to help them in their virtual classes.

The university will allot a P950K load allowance to accommodate its 6,333 students following the shift in distance learning brought about by the Covid19 pandemic.

The load assistance program is through the initiative of University Student Government and Student Regent Elijah Daniel Geanga.

Students in the main campus of the university will each receive P150 load through the assistance program.

“Even in the least amount possible, the PSU-USG keeps on thriving to aid the needs of its constituents during these rough times. The USG is aware of the struggles of its members as they strive hard to sustain their need to attend their online classes,” the student council said.

The student body said the load assistance may be received later than expected as each college or department will be responsible in finalizing the list of the beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries will be determined through a survey form of their respective colleges, thus PSU-USG urges every student planning to apply for the load assistance to answer the survey honestly.

Meanwhile, the student body stressed it is also working to extend the assistance to PSU’s satellite campus in order to cater the needs of all students.