/ 27 July 2020

The Jose Rizal University announced on its Facebook page the opening of online enrollment for all levels for the upcoming academic year 2020-2021.

As per the announcement, JRU’s enrollment will start on July 18, 2020 while online classes will begin on August 10 this year.

The enrollment will be fully done online as well as the payment for the students’ tuition fees.

For basic education students – Elementary to Senior High School, JRU will be using ‘Canvas (its own online learning platform) for the university’s school activities.

Meanwhile, for students in its Higher Education Divisions – College to Law School, the university offers three options, according to school officials: 1). Flexible – full online classes or a combination of face-to-face classes and online;
2). Inclusive – online classes, email-based, or printed materials to be sent back and forth; 3). Asynchronous and Synchronous – recorded presentations, printed materials can be used, links of topics on the internet or scheduled chat rooms.

Before the start of classes, JRU officials said they will hold an orientation and retraining of students’ guardians and parents on how to use Canvas properly.

JRU’s suggested academic timeframe has stated that from August 10 to September 11, the university will use full remote or distance learning, while on September 14 to December 4, it will start the blended learning on the recommendation of the university administration and the concerned government institutions.