/ 3 June 2022

iACADEMY will resume physical classes this month as the country continues to recover from the pandemic.

For the third term of the Academic Year 2021-2022, iACADEMY college students are permitted to report on-site and hold learning activities on campus under the Hyflex (hybrid and flexible) learning setup.

“Our students cannot contain their excitement having waited for two years to return to the campus. Apart from enjoying the facilities on site, they have been looking forward to meeting their professors and exchanging ideas with their peers in person. We know this will spark a new fire in them, so we expect more game-changing ideas to come out of this new chapter,” Cecilia Sy, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said.

The Central Student Organization of iACADEMY prepared activities to welcome back Game Changers who signed up for this optional learning setup. In the reception area of the Nexus Campus, there will be welcome banners, a freedom board where students can write their messages to Game Changers, and care kits that will be distributed to all students.

“Apart from retrofitting the campus to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we’ve also consulted the counsel of experts and constantly held conferences with students and parents to identify and address any concerns they have regarding face-to-face classes. I’m happy to share that the whole iACADEMY community has been very cooperative and supportive of what needed to be done,” Vanessa Tanco, CEO and President of iACADEMY, said.

The school expects students who are required to use iACADEMY’s top-notch facilities and laboratories to be back on site, following a schedule and groupings based on the restrictions on capacity and distance.