/ 30 August 2021

THE UNIVERSITY Student Council of the Holy Angel University in Pampanga appealed for a two-day mental health break for the School of Nursing and Allied Medical Sciences learners.

In a letter to HAU President Dr. Luis Maria Calingo, the council said that students continue to feel the “brunt of exhaustion” especially amid the pandemic and online classes.

“As the preliminary examination period is about to conclude, the public health crisis and its effect on the education sector seems to lead an infinite path of compromises in the quality of education,” the group said.

“More than that, the online learning system never fails to take a toll on the mental health of the students,” it added.

Citing a study from the University College London, the group stressed that a break will ease the burden of students and help them rest.

“The HAU-USC recognizes Mental Health Break as vital for the students’ overall well-being as they provide enough time to rest and be more academically prepared as evidenced in the study of Bautista (2020), where mental health breaks were found to be associated with benefits such as the improvement of memory, energy boosting, reducing stress, improves health, and boost performance and creativity,” it said.