/ 2 April 2021

THE HOLY Angel University collaborated with Singapore’s Lithan Academy for the use of a learning platform that will jointly offer Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and Master’s Degree in Digital System.

“The collaboration aims to produce experienced and work-ready graduates for the digital global industry with the Students Apprentice Program. eduCLaaS Pte Ltd delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults and enterprises in the digital economy,” HAU said.

“eduCLaaS Pte Ltd adopts work-based learning pedagogy with competency-based curriculum for blended learning journey that deliver tangible career and business outcome,” it added.

With accredited course materials and personalized mentoring of Lithan faculty members, HAU said the partnership will enhance its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Web Development and Professional Science Master’s in Cybersecurity programs.

Dr. Luis Maria Calingo, HAU president, said the school’s commitment to educational partnerships is a “key aspect of instructional approach.”

“According to the World Economic Forum, the three most important skills for the future are creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. To the three Rs of reading, writing, and arithmetic, HAU adds two other Rs — Respect and Responsibility,” Calingo said.

“All these imperatives are stated in our university mission statement of transforming our students into persons of conscience with warm hearts, persons of competence with informed minds, and persons of compassion with loving hands. Operationally, this translates to four core competencies that our graduates will need to demonstrate after graduation,” he added.

Meanwhile, eduCLaaS Founder and CEO Leslie Loh vowed to consistently provide the facility as well as improve the students’ skills and abilities.

“There’s a fine line between working and learning in the future and we want to be able to deliver a learning journey that people would ‘work to learn’ rather than ‘learn to work’, so that they’ll be able to get into the industry earlier rather than later. We can’t do that on our own,” Loh said.

Lithan Academy is an accredited training organization endorsed by various government agencies under Singapore’s ministry of education.

It has served over 30,000 learners and 2,000 enterprises in over 25 campuses across Asia.