/ 6 December 2020

THE FAMILY of a Rizal Technological University student appealed for donations to help him pay his medical bills.

Relatives of Brandy Juet Santiago Eclevia are asking kind-hearted people for financial help as the third-year civil engineering student is currently confined at the Medical Center in Muntinlupa.

In a Facebook post by his brother Hennessy, he narrated how he found Brandy half-conscious on the street two days after he went missing.

“My younger brother was missing for 2 days we tried  to  look for him. Earlier when I’m about to report to my work December 2 , as my shift is 10 PM. I found him 9:40 pm sa kanto naka-bulagta trying to be conscious  to go back home, but his body already shutdown. a lot of people were just passing by and avoiding him in the middle of the road didn’t help him at all. He was helpless and in a devastating state,” Hennessy said on his Facebook page.

“His last words to me was  “KUYA TULONG.” I’m about to cry but no I can’t. I am always early to work.  But this time something was trying to held (sic) me up i just don’t know why or what. And then i found him in a life and death situation. It was an unfortunate situation but still  God made plans  for me to save my brother,” he added.

Brandy was diagnosed of suffering a mild stroke and seizures fatigue and his hospital bills are already running at P120,000 as of posting time,

Prospective donors can wire their donations through Hennessy  Santiago’s Gcash account: 09178893891; Security bank: 0000022387660; or Unionbank: 109423517084.