/ 11 November 2022

THE MATHEMATICS and Science Department of Estanza National High School in Lingayen has initiated projects to strengthen the knowledge and skills of learners.

Dr. Maria Vilma V. Ocampo, Mathematics and Science Department head, along with the project coordinators, introduced their projects which will be implemented throughout the school year.

B.E.S.T. in 5 Minutes or Basic Enrichment on Scientific Terms in 5 minutes and MATHapat on Time or Math Action Program and Task on Time specifically target the improvement of the learners’ performances in Mathematics and Science.

These projects will expose the students to more scientific and mathematical ideas, which will help them comprehend the material they are studying on a daily basis.

Together with the other Math and Science teachers, the project coordinators, Ronald Allan Manipor and Josephine Ramos, will carry out the planned year-round activities to assure the accomplishment of their project goals.

Two other initiatives – RESTO-PROJECT or Restoration of Herbal Garden and YES-O or Youth for Environment in Schools Organization – were also initiated.

“These activities seek to develop more of learners’ environmental skills, values and attitudes. Besides, these actions are planned and scheduled to ensure all learners’ participation and to avoid disruption of academic discussions,” NHS said.