/ 16 June 2021

Edustria High School, a product of the joint venture between Far Eastern University and Technological Institute of the Philippines, aims to produce senior high school students who can easily enter the workforce despite not going to college.

The school said it is preparing its students for immediate hiring to bridge the gap between education and the industry and to help support the economic recovery of the Batangas province and the entire Calabarzon region.

Since Edustria offers enhanced academic strands (STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, ABM or Accountancy, Business and Management, HUMSS or Humanities and Social Science, and GAS or General Academic), its students will have a high chance of landing jobs after they graduate from high school.

It said it equips its students with practical skills, knowledge and values companies are looking for in senior high school graduates who can potentially join their ranks.

Located in the Lipa City’s LIMA Central Business District, the school seeks to offer its well-trained students to about 130 foreign and local companies in the area. The business district is an economic zone.

“More than producing a competitive, technology-based workforce, Edustria seeks to contribute to nation-building by cultivating and optimizing the potential of the Filipino youth and the local opportunities available for them. With the track record of our mother institutions FEU and T.I.P., businesses can be rest assured that our graduates will receive quality education,” said Engr. Jemuel Castillo, Executive Director of Edustria High School.

“The school will be able to give its students employment prospects as we gradually head into recovery,” he added.