/ 12 November 2021

THE DAVAO de Oro State College – Maragusan Branch clarified that the viral video showing paranormal activity within its grounds was staged.

In a statement on Wednesday, the college said that the video of a security guard showing ghost activities in the campus at dark is only a product of “human creativity and not of paranormal nature.”

The security guard filmed chairs moving nonstop in an empty room.

“Unfortunately, the event has been blown out of proportion, prompting the institution to release this statement to end the speculations about the video’s authenticity,” DDOSC said on Facebook.

“The [DDOSC] also expresses its distaste for the people using the concerned video, especially for monetary gain and social media recognition. In turn, they have a hand in perpetuating negative perception of this institution and helping spread false information,” it added.

The college directed the concerned individual to delete the video in his social media pages “since it has put the institution in a negative light.”