/ 25 August 2022

THE COLEGIO de San Lorenzo on Wednesday said that it exhausted all means to save the school but it failed to get an investor.

Atty. Mark Vixen Dorado said that CDSL was also hopeful that there would be an increase in the number of enrollees which would have allowed it to continue its operations.

“The very reason why it was done last minute is because of our desire and our hope to keep the school open. We were looking for investors… an investor did not materialize at the last minute,” he said, explaining the late announcement of the school closure.

“We wanted to make sure that we can hold to our students and to our faculty. Closing the Colegio de San Lorenzo is very heartbreaking for us. It was not an easy decision,” Dorado added.

“We fought to the last minute and we can say we have done so much more than what people think. The family has used their personal funds just to save the school. Second, at the height of the pandemic, we lowered the tuition fees and that is a very risky move for a school in a pandemic,” he said.

Pushed against the wall, the school had no other option left but to close shop, Dorado said.

CDSL has refunded 100 percent of the tuition for basic education, and more than half of the tuition paid by college students had been processed.

Dorado said the school hopes to finish the tuition refund by Friday. Its offices will be open until September 20 to address the issues from Monday to Friday.

CDSL also vowed to assist the teaching and non-teaching personnel in their search for employment.