/ 5 July 2021

OUT of 14,294 applicants, only 3,880 freshmen and transferees were accepted by the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Negros Occidental for Academic Year 2021-2022.

The students were screened based on their ranking and admission procedures, the school said.

It clarified that courses have quotas and advised students that they might not be admitted to their program of interest.

“The college regrets to inform those who qualified but were not admitted in their program of interest. We hope that you understand that to be qualified does not mean automatic admission due to the ranking based on the approved selection criteria that each program has to strictly observe,” CHMSC said in a statement.

“The college has limited accommodation capacity to accept all its qualified applicants based on available faculty, facilities and other support resources, hence, the quota is set for each program. This makes impossible to accommodate all qualified student applicants,” it added.