/ 17 July 2023

AS PART of its initiatives to help save the environment, the Centro Escolar University has fully implemented the “No To Single-Use Plastic” campaign in all its campuses.

The campaign prohibits the use of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic straws/coffee stirrer, laminated paper food containers, cling wrap plastic utensils, balloons, plastic confetti, party poppers, styrofoam, food items in plastic packets and wrappers, and small tarpaulin notices.

Also, food deliveries or items are not allowed in the campus if these are packed in a plastic bag or container.

“All the members of the CEU community including faculty members, non-teaching staff and students are encouraged to bring their own reusable and biodegradable bags, straws, water containers and coffee cups,” the school said.

“Embracing these plastic-free practices also promotes healthier food choices for students and employees since they might opt to bring homemade meals, snacks and beverages, reducing their reliance on processed and packaged foods,” it added.

Prior to the implementation of the initiative, Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs Jericho Orlina gathered the food stall owners in the canteen, the University Student Council, faculty, and non-teaching staff to discuss the campaign with them.

“By eliminating single-use plastics, the University can significantly reduce the plastic waste generated inside the campus, thus, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment,” CEU said.