/ 7 October 2020

THE OFFICE of the President of Central Mindanao University released a memorandum urging all faculty members to enhance the implementation of flexible learning schemes under the new normal in education.

“It was issued as a direct response to the consolidated complaints and suggestions of the faculty, students, and parents about the current learning system,” Director of Instruction Dr. Teresita Borres said.

Borres explained the university is committed to ensure that the current learning system addresses the needs of the academic community, including those of the students and the parents.

The memorandum reminded the faculty to give minimal requirements to the students, to be flexible in the learners’ submission of requirements, to be mindful of their official scheduled online classes, and to observe Thursdays or Fridays as scheduled for uploading the learning materials.

It also emphasized that each college should prepare a faculty utilization schedule for google meetings, to use blended instruction, and to utilize modular learning for students living in far-flung areas.

“It is a helpful reminder to the faculty and the entire academic community. We have to address the students’ limited resources and capabilities, especially those with slow internet connectivity and limited access to gadgets,” Borres said.